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Factory Price Chocolate Production Line|Chocoalte Making Machinery

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Country Of Origin: China

Mission: Make food production easier and safer

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The whole Chocolate Production Line|Chocoalte Making Machine includes cocoa butter melting machine,cocoa powder grinding machine,conching and refining machine,storage and heating machine,tempering machine,chocolate chip depositing machine,chocolate packing machine and so on.

Chocolate Making Machine Flow Chart.
Chocolate Production Line
Main Machines of Automatic Chocolate Production Line:
Chocolate Conching Machine: This machine is the main equipment in the chocolate production line, mainly used for finely grinding chocolate slurry. PLC automatic control, easy to clean, reduce power consumption, and good performance.
Chocolate Tempering Machine: This equipment is a professional product specially designed according to the characteristics of natural cocoa butter and cocoa butter-like tempering oil. After setting the temperature, the chocolate slurry has a good crystalline state after forming, has a smooth mouthfeel, is particularly bright, and has good storage performance.
Chocolate Moulding Depositing Machine: This machine is special advanced equipment for chocolate pouring molding, which integrates machine and electric control. The entire production process includes automatic working procedures such as pouring, vibrating, cooling, demolding, conveying, and drying. Accurate pouring quantity and accurate template positioning.
Chocolate Packing Machine: Suitable for round, spherical, oval, cylindrical, rectangular, square, and other forms of chocolate. According to your packaging style, we will recommend the right packaging machine for you.
The chocolate production line has been sold to the United States, Britain, France, Egypt, Venezuela, Sri Lanka and many other countries and regions.
The chocolate production line can make different shapes of chocolate according to your needs. Welcome to consult anytime. If you are interested in this chocolate production line, please leave your email and whatsApp number, we will arrange our customer manager to send you the machine price and message you on whatsapp.
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Thank you for visiting our site! Please feel free to submit this form with any questions or comments. We will answer your message within 24 hours.


Technical Data

    No. Name Capacity Power
    1 Cocoa fat melting tank 100L 9kw
    2 Chocolate conche machine 2000L 37+9kw
    3 Chocolate storage tank 2000L Main motor power:3KW
    Electric heating power:6KW
    4 Chocolate tempering machine 500 L 10.57kw
    5 Chocolate depositing machine 200kg/h 23kw

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