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Cocoa Butter Press|Cocoa Oil Press Machine|Hydraulic Cocoa Oil Making Machine

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The cocoa oil press is a part of the cocoa powder production line and plays a vital role. The cocoa oil press can also be used to process other materials such as macadamia nuts, cashew nuts and other nuts,
Cocoa Oil Press Machine
Cocoa oil press machine has excellent material and precise technology. The Hydraulic Cocoa Oil Making Machine is made of high carbon steel and is made of high frequency quenching and heat treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation and improves the pressing. The life of the oil machine can last for several decades.
Cocoa butter press performance characteristics:
♦ This cocoa butter oil press machine adopts the advantages of the same type of machine in Korea. It has reasonable design and compact structure. It uses the ultra-high pressure piston pump and the gear pump to compensate each other. The high-flow cartridge valve has a fast hydraulic pressure. Low pressure loss, stable operation, accurate and reliable, and low power consumption.
♦ The machine is made of high-quality steel and refined. The parts are made of chrome-plated, and the appearance is exquisite and clean. The parts of the machine are precisely calculated, the force is reasonable, the pressure is uniform, the rigidity is reliable and durable.
♦ The machine is evenly stressed in the process of extraction, and the oil yield is high. The oil extraction rate can reach 90-92%, and the economic benefit is high.
♦ The machine adopts pressure temperature pre-setting and automatic control of working process. For example, it can support the drum frying pan and filter smoke-making equipment produced by our factory, so that the whole process of oil extraction can be operated by one person, and it can operate freely and effectively save manpower.
♦ The machine integrates the hydraulic pump station, the electrical program control and the rack organic, which greatly facilitates the handling and operation, and saves the floor space.

Cocoa Oil Press Machine Video:


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Technical Data

    Model GG-180 GG-230 GG-280
    Pressure 55Mpa 60Mpa 60MPa
    Piston stroke 450mm 550mm 550mm
    Feeding Diameter 180mm 230mm 280mm
    Capacity(Per time) 3-3.5kg 7-8kg 12-13kg
    Heating power 1kw 1kw 1kw
    Hydraylic Motor power 1.1kw,380V 1.5kw,380V 2.2kw,380V
    Nominal pressure 1600KN 2200KN 3000KN
    Capacity 30KG/H 50-60KG/H 70-80KG/H
    Dimension 800*650*1100mm 900*750*1400mm 1100*1000*1500mm
    Weight 530kg 880kg 1320kg

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