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How do ring chains reduce wear


The ring chain is composed of multiple metal rings. It is mainly used to cooperate with important lifting devices for lifting machinery operations. Due to the relatively large load, its wear level becomes greater and greater when it is used frequently for a long time. When the amount reaches a certain level, it is necessary to scrap and replace the new hoist chain. The following describes how to reduce wear and ensure its long-term use.

The seal should be appropriate, not too loose or too tight. If it is too tight, it will increase consumption, and the bearings and chains will accelerate wear. If it is too loose, there may be chain jumps. New and old ne hoist chains should not be mixed together as much as possible. The distance is not synchronized, the load may be concentrated on a chain, and the chain breaks because it cannot fully bear the load.

   Do a good job of lubrication, can produce a layer of oil film, while improving sensitivity, protect the elevator chain from the influence of temperature; adjust the length, adjust according to the working environment, if it is too long, you need to reduce the workload, it is strictly prohibited to use overload. Carefully check whether the tightness of the chain is appropriate, whether it is mixed with the new circular chain, whether it is well lubricated, whether the length is appropriate, and whether it is overloaded. I hope you pay more attention to the above aspects in your actual work.

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