Who we are?

Hi, welcome to our store!

We're Hayley and Peter. Together we run La Nature from our small apartment in NYC.

La Nature was founded with a goal in mind -- to make eco-friendly everyday products more accessible and to encourage more people around the world to decrease their ecological footprint by switching to sustainable, zero-waste alternatives.

Thank you so much for visiting our store. By doing so, you are making a deliberate decision to try and make this world a better, cleaner place and to actively shape a future we can all look forward to.

Our Mission & Values

Sustainable Products for Everyone

We strive to provide a wide array of zero-waste household items that give our customers the choice to reduce their impact even while buying essential goods.

Ethically-made products

We connect and work with independent makers in the US and around the world to make sure our products are made with the least possible waste and in a safe, sustainable environment.

giving back

We're constantly looking for opportunities to get involved and give back to our community.