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Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line Solution 500kg/h Cost in China

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Production Process: raw peanuts(groundnuts) - stone removal - roasting and cooling - peeling - grinding - dressing - grinding - degassing - filling - capping - sealing - labeling - peanut butter

Introduction of Peanut Butter Production Line:
Peanut Roasting Machine: Batch roaster’s working temperature is 200-210 ºC, 20-30 minutes. Use batch roaster will bake some delicious smells.
Peanut Peeling Machine: Put the roasted peanuts into peeler to take off the red skin, the double rollers will frication the red skin, the simple cyclone system will suck the red skins, most of them will be put in half-piece, then fall to the selecting conveyor, the over-roasted peanut kernel is picked up by manual or mechanical.
Peanut Grinding Machine: Using grinder to make the second grinding, the fineness of grinding is controlled below 7μm, temperature of grinding is controlled below 68C.
Mixing Tank: Make the peanut butter more homogeneous.
Cooling Machine: The peanut butter after ground should be cooled immediately. The temperature should go down 45C.
Vacuum Degasser: Take out the air from peanut butter.
Peanut Butter Filling Machine: Packing the peanut butter into bottle, filling quantity can be adjusted.
The peanut butter production line solution can realize the automatic continuous production of 500kg peanut butter per hour. Centrally control the entire set of equipment, reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency. The available production capacity is 100 kg/h, 200 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 1000kg/h, etc. to meet the needs of various peanut butter factories.
Flow Chart of Peanut Butter Production Line
Application of Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line:
This production line can process high-quality crunchy peanut butter and smooth peanut butter.
If you do not have your own technology, we can recommend mature processing technology and supporting equipment to help you quickly open the market.

Peanut Butter Production Line Video:

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Semi-automatic Peanut Butter Production Line:
Peanut Butter Production Line


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